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Follow the directions below to download and install HEG Standalone v2.15

The list below offers the HEG Standalone v2.15 for different platforms. Please select the proper file(s) for your platform. Carefully review the files listed below to select the ones you want, then click the link(s) to download. You can also download the file(s) by moving your mouse cursor over the link, right click your mouse button, and select Save Target As. The HEG Users Guide in word or pdf format is also available. We have also provided instructions below on obtaining the software through our public download site.

Current Version: HEG Standalone 2.15

View Installation Instructions

Platform Download Size
Windows 45 MB
Linux64 hegLNX64v2.15.tar.gz 50 MB
Mac - Intel hegMACv2.15.tar.gz 46 MB

NOTE: The Windows binaries for version 2.15 were prepared in a Windows 7 platform and should work in Windows 8 and 10 also ( It may also work in Windows XP)

The following patch update has been released for HEGStandalone to support MCD15A2H.006 and similar products
Platform Download
Linux64 hegLNX64v2.15.1.tar.gz

Previous Versions: HEG Standalone 2.13 & 2.14

Previous HEG Version 2.14

Previous HEG Version 2.13


HEG_README_v2.15 (18 KB)
README_INSTALL_Win_v2.15 (1 kB)
Sample Log for Windows Installation version 2.10 (2.15 installation may differ slightly) (35 kB)

HEG Users Guides

HEG_UsersGuide_V2.15.pdf (608 kB)

DataPool HEG Users Guide (Revision 01, February 2012) (1.00 MB)

HEG Standalone v2.15 Download Instructions

The tar files follow this format:
hegLNX64v2.15.tar.gz - built on Linux Red Hat Enterprise (Linux 2.6.32-358.2.1.el6.x86_64 #1 SMP)
hegMACv2.15.tar.gz - built on Macintosh OSX (Darwin Kernel Version 16.7.0) - built on Windows 7 (works on Windows 7, 8, and Windows 10)
All Java code built using Java Version 1.8 - You will need Java 1.8 or higher on your system to run HEG.

NOTE: If at any point during the download process the system hangs, try back later. The system maybe restarting. If this continues contact us and we will get this problem fixed.

In addition to above links for download you may download HEG from our download site. To begin download please go to:

and select the 2.15 version. In this directory you will find the following Release 2.15 related files:

README files.
hegLNX64v2.15.tar.gz - HEG for the Linux 64-bit system. - HEG for Windows.
hegMACv2.15.tar.gz - HEG for MAC OSX system.
EED2-TP-030_HEG_UsersGuide_2.15.doc - HEG Users Guide in MS-Word format.
EED2-TP-030_HEG_UsersGuide_2.15.pdf - HEG Users Guide in PDF format.

The Users Guide is also in html format in the help section of the HEG GUI.





HEG Screenshots
NOTE: The ftp download page is changed to:

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